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Professional Accreditation

I am working as a Neuro-Psychiatrist since 2018 and I am medical board registered psychiatrist. I have also previously worked with Sir JJ Hospital and BYL Nair Hospital Mumbai.


Training & Education

I have training and experience in the main evidence-based psychiatry. I uave done my MBBS from RCSM Government Medical College (CPR Hospital) Kolhapur, MD in Psychiatry from Grant Government Medical college and Sir JJ Hospital Mumbai and DNB from National Board of Examination, New Delhi. I have been well trained in core psychiatry, child and adolescent psychiatry, mental health in women and old age.


Best Treatment

I use different therapeutic methods to help people overcome their problems. Pharmacotherapy along with psychotherapy like CBT, REBT, ERP etc. yields good outcome in my patients.

About me

Hello! I am Dr. Rohit Deshmukh

Dr. Deshmukh is a renowned name in the field of neuro-psychiatry. He has earned his medical degree and completed specialized training in neuro-psychiatry at prestigious institutions Grant Government Medical College & Sir J J Group of Hospitals Mumbai. His extensive experience, combined with a patient-centered approach, has helped numerous individuals regain control of their lives and find lasting solutions to their mental health issues.

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Dr. Rohit Deshmukh, Neuro Psychiatrist

For Adults

I am expert in talking therapy and offer you a confidential and quick access service with appointments within 48 hours

For Groups

I can offer effective treatment for stress, anxiety, depression, low self-esteem and many other conditions

For Children

You can call me if your child, teenager or family is going through difficulties. I always ready to help you

Our Services

Mental Conditions

Mental Health Issues

At Dr. Rohit Deshmukh's Neuro-Psychiatry Practice, we provide a wide range of comprehensive mental health services to address the unique needs of each individual. Mental health challenges come in many forms, and we understand that no two patients are exactly alike.

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Sexual Mental Health Problems

Sexual mental health problems can be profoundly challenging and often carry a stigma that keeps many from seeking the help they need. Dr. Rohit Deshmukh, a distinguished Neuro-Psychiatrist Consultant, extends his compassionate and specialized care to individuals grappling with a range of sexual mental health issues, including Premature Ejaculation (PME), Erectile Dysfunctioning, and other sexual disorders.

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Children Mental Health

In today's world, children face a myriad of challenges that can impact their mental health and well-being. Dr. Rohit Deshmukh, a distinguished Neuro-Psychiatrist Consultant, specializes in providing compassionate and expert care for children dealing with various mental health issues.

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Therapies & Counselling

Life can be challenging, and at times, we all need support and guidance to navigate its complexities. Dr. Rohit Deshmukh, a renowned Neuro-Psychiatrist Consultant, offers a wide spectrum of therapeutic interventions and counseling services, empowering individuals to overcome hurdles and lead more fulfilling lives

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All our meetings are confidential and information is protected. Do not worry about your defense.


I guarantee only 100 % professional high quality services for you. I offer the best services.

Support 24/7

You can call me any time of the day. I am always ready to support you in any difficult situation.

Work experience

I have 7years experience in private practice, working with people who have problems.


I try to develop and reach new heights. I have special experiences in handling child and adolescent cases which was gained from working with School Mental Health Clinic at Nair Hospital. I attend various trainings and seminars that help me.


I will never leave you in a difficult moment. Call me right now and make an appoinment.

What i treat

Why Choose Me

I offer a friendly and down-to-earth approach to therapy, providing a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space to talk.

  • Advantages
  • Success
  • Results

With training and experience in the main evidence-based psychotherapies, I work flexibly and collaboratively, tailoring therapy to the needs of each person I see.

  • A free initial telephone consultation
  • Instance access availability online
  • Confidential service for you
  • Support 24/7 in any way

Dr. Rohit, a dedicated psychiatrist, has a remarkable success story. Over the years, Dr. Rohit has helped countless individuals struggling with various mental health issues. Their commitment to patient care, effective treatment approaches, and empathy have transformed the lives of many. Dr. Rohit’s success is measured not just by the education qualifications on the wall but by the countless stories of patients who’ve found hope, healing, and a path to a brighter future under their care.

Mr. S 34 yr old male was suffering from depression since 10 long years hoping from one psychiatrist to other. He happened to meet Dr Rohit at his Kandivali clinic and was started on treatment and individual therapy. Within the couse of 3 months he was brought down to only 2 medicines from the list of 9 medicines which he was on. He appreciates Dr. Rohit effort in his journey of coming out of depression as Dr. Rohit not only prescribed him the medicine but was also in constant touch through Whatsapp and Phone call to tailor the medication course. There are many more such stories this being a worth mentioning.


Frequently Asked Questions

I offer a friendly and down-to-earth approach to therapy, providing a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space to talk.

What does a Neuro Psychiatrist do?

A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who specializes in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mental illnesses and emotional disorders. They can prescribe medication and often use a combination of therapy and medication to help individuals manage their mental health.

Psychiatrists assess, diagnose, and treat mental health conditions. They use a variety of therapeutic approaches, including counseling and psychotherapy, and can prescribe medications when necessary. Psychiatrists work with individuals to manage and alleviate symptoms of mental illnesses, aiming to improve overall mental well-being. They may also collaborate with other healthcare professionals to provide comprehensive care.

What kind of patients does Dr. Rohit Deshmukh typically treat?

Psychiatrists treat a wide range of mental health conditions and illnesses, including but not limited to:

1. Depression
2. Anxiety disorders (e.g., generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder)
3. Bipolar disorder
4. Schizophrenia
5. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
6. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
7. Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
8. Eating disorders (e.g., anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa)
9. Substance use disorders
10. Personality disorders

These are just a few examples, and psychiatrists are trained to address various mental health challenges across the lifespan.

What should I expect during a consultation with Dr. Rohit Deshmukh?

During your consultation, Dr. Deshmukh will conduct a thorough evaluation of your medical history, neurological condition, and mental health symptoms. He may recommend further tests, discussions, or treatments tailored to your specific needs.

Does Dr. Rohit Deshmukh only provide medication, or does he offer therapy as well?

Dr. Deshmukh offers a comprehensive approach to treatment. Depending on the patient's condition, he may prescribe medications and also provide counseling, therapy, or recommend lifestyle changes to improve mental health and neurological well-being.

What age groups does Dr. Rohit Deshmukh work with?

Dr. Deshmukh works with patients of various age groups. He provides care for children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly who are dealing with neurological and psychiatric conditions.


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